BrandCrowd: TemplateLogo Marketplace Goes Premium


A logo is something that will identify your company in a crowded and competitive marketplace; whether you’re selling physical products or virtual goods you need to remain top of mind to your target audience. An awesome logo design is instant public recognition. In this busy world people don’t have the time to read the complete text written on stickers. Therefore companies choose to make an emblem, a picture to designate their brand which is instantly identifiable.

Options and Opportunities…

In recent years many design agencies specializing in logo design have set up online stores where they can be hired the traditional way or use crowdsourcing to bring together thousands of designers to work on your project for a fraction of the cost of a design agency. Traditionally, businesses hired a design agency or freelance designer to create your dream logo. But this process is expensive, risky, slow and produces limited choice. Increasingly more startups and small businesses choose to crowdsource custom design via marketplaces like DesignCrowd.

Shopping For Logos Online – Buying off the shelf

If outsourcing custom design or hiring a dedicated designerisn’t an option, what if you could see exactly the logo you want before you buy it? Head over to the premium logo template marketplace and select one of your choice and tweak.

If you are a customer you can browse thousands of logos by industry category and keyword for free. If you are a designer you can create logos and upload them on the website and set up your own selling price. When someone buys you get a payment. Now some details.

For Buyers

At the time of writing of this article, BrandCrowd had more than ten thousand logos for sale – 11,148 to be precise. Every logo has a price tag attached to it, granting you complete transparency as to the amount you will have to pay. Some logos even come with domain names. This means that suppose you wish to start an online business but you haven’t decided upon a name and don’t have a logo, then you can get both of them at BrandCrowd. For example I clicked on the logo named “LOGOLO” on the website. (See the image below.) The logo costs $1000 and when you buy it you will also get the domain name with it.

Can I Get the Logo Customised?

All logos are completely customizable. Most designers will offer to modify the design you’re interested in buying before you buy it. For example you may like the design of the logo but you may want to replace the text with your own text. All you have to do is to hit the “Customize it” button and then type out the message that you wish to get the logo edited. Your message will be sent to the designer and she will make the necessary changes.
Last but perhaps the most important point is that all logos are sold on the exclusive buyer-only basis. This means that once you buy a logo it will be completely yours. It won’t be sold to anyone anytime again. Once you’ve selected the design, had any modifications applied, you pay the designer and in 1-2 days the transaction is approved you will get your designs.

For Designers

If you are a designer and have finished logos sitting around without a buyer, why not set up a profile on BrandCrowd and sell your logo designs to the many customers that visit the site to shop for a new logo. You can set your own selling price and link your other online profiles and add your experience to your BrandCrowd designer profile and BrandCrowd will give you a lot of visibility as its Alexa rank (at the time of writing) is 30,521 – this means thousands of people visit the site everyday.

I want to sell my designs!

1) First step is to create a free account.
2) Then submit your logos for approval, turnaround is 48 hours, which is pretty good if your logos have been sitting idle on your hardrive gathering dust!
3) BrandCrowd will host and display your logos on the website along with the price you ask for.
4) If your logo is exceptionally brilliant, and BrandCrowd’s Support team rate it highly, then it can be displayed on the home page giving your design more exposure and increase the likelihood of a sale!
5) When someone buys your logo you will be paid via PayPal or Moneybookers. You need to have an account on either one of the two.
BrandCrowd makes logo shopping fun, whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or to sell designs or a customer after a gorgeous new logo design ASAP, you’ll find a plethora of top quality designs to peruse and will hopefully find your dream logo to help your business stand out from the crowd.