The Evolution Of The Web:8 Awesome HTML5 Infographics


You know HTML5 is the advent of a new age of web and it is becoming more popular among web developers.However,there is still a never-ending argument between HTML5 and Flash developers.It may be true that HTML5 is the next big thing in web design industry but Flash is still a prefered technology.

In today’s post we will be sharing interesting and fresh infographics about HTML5.The below infographics examine the future and evolution of HTML5 and also compare the advantages and disadvantages of Flash and HTML5.

HTML5: What Marketers Need to Know

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HTML 5 vs Flash

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The History of HTML5

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IDC Next Level of Mobile Web


The Current State Of HTML5

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HTML5 Games vs. Flash Games

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HTML5 Past, Present and Future

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Flash and Silverlight R.I.P.? The Wonderful World of HTML5

Wonderful World of HTML5 [Infographic]
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