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Have you ever visited the blog ViperChill? If you have you probably know what makes this blog stand out of the crowd. Obviously there is solid content but the main thing that sets this blog apart from others is its icons. ViperChill uses the same pattern of icons – the same little white men throughout the blog. In fact even the colour of those men icons matches the colour theme of his blog – too cool!
ViperChill is one of the best blogs about blogging and earning money online with 90,000 visitors per month.
This is just one example how you can use icons to your advantage.
www.icons-land.com is a website that can help you get beautiful icons for your blog.
They define themselves as:
Icons-Land is an icon design studio that offers icons for you in two ways: Stock Icons and Custom Designed Icons. These icons could be used in software applications, mobile phone and handheld applications, websites, presentations, etc.
The professional method to use icons is to use icons of the same types. Anybody who has used different versions of Windows will know that all their different versions use different types of icons.
Once I had updated my operating system from Windows 98 to Windows XP. A friend of mine immediately identified that I was using the new version when I didn’t even tell him. He identified it from the new style of icons.
Using different styles of icons may make your design look incoherent and inconsistent.
Icons-Land understands this consumer problem and therefore they have manufactured many different forms of icons that you can use in your design. I mean they have designed the same theme of icons in different combinations. One combination contains one type of icons, second contains second type etc.
Below I have shown some example icons. Some details are also mentioned alongside the image.
Vista Style Points of Interest

The above screen-shot shows some Vista style icons that can be used to denote points of interests in maps.
If your work requires dealing with maps, then you may need this set. The icons will make the map look beautiful and interesting.

Vista Style Hardware and Devices

If you deal in electronics like video games, iPods, servers, cables etc. then the hardware and devices icon set is designed for you.

POI Vector Icons

POI here stands for Point of Interest. Yes these icons also will help you mark points of interest in maps but these are vector icons. This means you can re-size and re-scale these icons to suit your design, without worrying about any pixelization i.e. blurring of images.
There are many more icon sets available. Visit the website for more information.
Head over to Icons-Land.com If you’re in need of stock icons, vista icons, transport icons, sports icons, map icons, poi icons.