5 Best Practices to Apply for Fashioning Your Layout


Theoretically ,a designer must always be fresh, eager to find innovative solutions but practically only few or none didn’t had a total lack of inspiration at least once lifelong. The posts treating this matter are somehow identical and all the ideas are centered on the very common collocation, “it depends on.” On the other hand, is impossible to find a worldwide magical formula working for everyone, clearly, the inspiration is related to the inner state of the subject.

Another common idea taken from the articles treating this subject is the possibility of being inspired from everything,what matters is to find the sources. I am always trying to get ideas for my works from everything around me, no matter if it’s night, day, Easter or Christmas. It’s funny to search your inspiration, even from the beginning of the day and what is nice, it really works!

All must dress after a night’s sleep and many people are choosy sellecting what kind of clothing they must wear all day long. The best part is that even from this activity one may learn ,or the most experienced ones can get a confirmation about the principles of beautiful design and surely, fashion is a good source of inspiration. A very common task like wearing a T-shirt with a pair of jeans is amazing how many similar aspects can have with designing a cool website; these are the ones found by me but any reader may insert his thoughts here , therefore the comment form is for you! In fact, this situation is pretty normal since our way of dressing is just another kind of design!

The combination of cool styles doesn’t have a cooler result

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It’s not aesthetically to wear a colorful fancy T-shirt, an elegant black bow, some red trunks and sandals, no matter how stylish these are. The result of a mixture of styles and ideas isn’t their sum , is only a disaster. The same as this kind of dressing approach, the layouts based on multiple influences are disgusting. The other extremity, of having only a single style will take you to another wrong solution, the websites will look very similar and the originality is something that should never be neglected.(forbidden which of course isn’t OK). The moderation in addition to the subtle influences is the best conception in creating an awesome website and there are enough online presences that demonstrate the success of it.

Avoid trends and keep your own style

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I appreciate very much any person that is elegantly dressed but that isn’t necessarily wearing clothes that are trendy. Being always updated to the last trends is welcomed but there must remain a personal touch, there must be something that is only yours. Both in design and in fashion, the need of being trendy is usual and normal but lacking any personality is very wrong. It’s considered a self-esteem sign to have your own style no matter which are the trends and it’s appreciative both in design and dressing to let people know that you are serious and less influenced by others.

Be original but not mad

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The style of Lady Gaga is worldwide recognized and we all know how many debates were about her and her clothing. Definitely, she is very original but many are considering that she overcomes all limits. The good news for her is the fact that the songs and her voice are appreciated and any other defects are ignored (not by all people but…). Someone who is dressing as Lady Gaga will make some buzz around him but almost sure, he or she won’t become a super star. The same idea must be applied here, the originality is mandatory for any designer and an innovative piece of clothing is cool but there must be a limit.

Usability is mandatory

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Our state is influenced by what kind of clothes we wear, an elegant suit is giving us the impression that we are business men, a white outfit make everyone dream at sunny days and so on. The main purpose of any piece of clothing is to be comfortable for the owner; think of this, will you wear a superb shirt that is incommode, too large or too slim and annoys you? I am pretty sure that sooner or later, this will be forgotten in the wardrobe. A website that is not created for the users has the same treatment, it will be abandoned. Any cloth or website must exist for its users, the success consists in how people are appreciating.

The supreme goal, be a trendsetter

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The precedent tips were somehow restrictive and a new entry designer may become pessimistically but the main purpose of any designer is to set his opinions as the everyone’s standards and obviously, to create the best projects. The trendsetter is more used in fashion and it describes the kind of person that is establishing the rules and the best practices. The trendsetters influenced the way of how we are wearing clothes. A web designer is also trying to influence the web design world and the main prove that demonstrate this is the value of the brand, between brand and trendsetting is a close relationship. There is no web design agency or freelancer not attempting to create around them a very good image, very necessary in establishing a good brand.


In the end, the conclusion is clear: both the look of a person and the layout of a website are important and there are few similarities; it shouldn’t be a surprise, by paying more attention to your look, you may be inspired to have a new formidable idea to apply into a web design project.