Hard to Find The Best Hosting, isn’t it?


Want to run a website? The first step is to purchase a web host or some space on the internet where you can upload your own information which can be made available to the entire world.
Free web hosts are also available but their services tend to be limited when compared to paid hosting. Some web hosts (like WordPress.com) even run forced ads on your blog if you won’t purchase the web space.

Most importantly search engines will give your site a poor ranking if you use free service as they are programmed to believe that people who go for free hosting are not serious about their online business.
Hundreds of companies have emerged on the internet from whom you can purchase a web space. The crux is – which one to chose? WebHosting2Go.com provides the answer.
BestHosting365.net is a website where you can find information like the best web hosting services available on the internet.
The site contains information like the top ten web hosting services, ranking of web hosts on the basis of a site operating platform, reviews of web hosts, discount links and coupons, news about web hosts and so on and so forth. I discuss each of the said features below.

Top 10 Web Hosting

Which web host is the best? Which is the cheapest? Does the price include having your own domain name or not? (By the term “domain name” I mean a web address like www.mycoolsite.com and not something like www.mycoolsite.wordpress.com or www.mycoolsite.blogspot.com.) Will you get any discount? If yes then how much?
All such questions are answered in this part of the website.

Best Web Hosting Awards

Perhaps you don’t need the list of the best web hosts in all categories. Maybe you want to run a blog on WordPress and maybe you need to know the best WordPress hosting. Then this part of the site will interest you.

Hosting Review

– This section contains detailed information about 45 web hosts! Where is the web host headquartered? Since when is it in service? Rating on a 5 scale. The number of domains the web host has. All such points are covered.

Web Hosting Coupons (Discounts)

Discounts on purchasing a web host can be obtained in two ways. Either buy the web space via affiliate links provided on the website. Or simply use the coupon code.
Discounts can go up to 50%! So it’s very fair to use such coupon codes.
Yes the site will get a commission if make a purchase via affiliate links but this does not mean that you are being tricked. The site is run by a group of professionals who have more than 10 years’ experience in the web hosting business. So you can trust them.
News – As the name suggests this section deals with the North East West South of web hosting. Latest information about the web hosting business is regularly updated here.
Headlines like “WordPress 3.3 Release Globally”, “Microsoft and HP Team up on Cloud Services”, “eApps Hosting Offers CentOS 6 Templates” can be found here.