9 Best Flickr Groups for Calendar Inspiration


Calendars have become obsolete in many ways. The introduction of computers, mobile phones and other devices gives us immediate access to both calendars and reminder systems far beyond the old method of hanging up paper and marking the days. Now it is easier than ever to keep track of time passed and events as well as organize your time.

However, there is a certain charm that is lost now – that this older form of time watching is gone. We have lost the excitement of using a marker to remove a day from waiting. We don’t get to see that circled date get ever closer. We also don’t get to see the new pictures that come with every month or read a new comic every day. It is a depressing thought.

But not everyone has given up on calendars. Many people still see it as a viable art form or decoration and still make their own. If you are one of those people and you want to be inspired, check out these great Flickr groups.

1. Calendar – Your Creation

June 2009

This is a quickly growing group of people who make calendar pages or create photos that could potentially become one. Members are asked to take some time to invite three images to become a part of the pool, using an invite code with their comments.

This tactic has worked, as there are only 244 members but more than 1,500 photos. They don’t keep within a certain genre, so you can find anything from landscapes to models to toy photography here.

2. Vintage Calendar Art


This is not actually a group for photographs taken by the members. Instead, it is a scanner group where members can post images from genuine vintage calendars. This includes pinups, heart-warming images or drawings of old cars and anything that was once a part of a vintage calendar from the late 1960s and back.

They ask that nothing from after that date be included because of the difference in content and style once the ’70s hit. The group is a safe one, so nothing too risque will be allowed. Though, given the time period, the girly calendars probably won’t be considered offensive unless they verge into actively pornographic.

3. The Calendar as Art

November 2008

If you look at a calendar as an opportunity for art, this is the group for you. Whether you create wholly unique collages, use photographs and digital art, or enjoy manipulating and changing store-bought calendars, your work is welcomes. It’s a small group, but it has some stunning pieces featured in its pool.

4. Calendar Models

Legs over the chair

This moderate safety group is a platform for showing off and finding models that work on calendars. Many members have used it to promote both their own work and the work of the men and women who posed for them.

If you are a model, it is a nice way to expose your portfolio to a wider audience. It allows links to outside sites in the photo descriptions.

5. Christmas Advent Calendar 2009

the completed advent calendar

Obviously, this is a project that ended long ago. It was also left unfinished, with only 21 days covered in the pool, which is a shame. But the photos that were posted are classic calendar shots: gorgeous, rich and vibrant. Anyone who loves a nice holiday card picture will enjoy looking through these.

6. Flickr Calendars From Fd Toys

August 2008

Flickr member Flagrant Disregard (Fd) created a fun calendar maker for users. A number of people used it to make their own calendars using their Flickr photos, and this group was made to show them off.

Some of the work is pretty good, and the template is classic and solidly made. If you are interested in making your own calendar, a peek through this pool can give you a nice shot of inspiration, especially if you want a more traditional layout.

7. Calendar Shots


This is a larger photo pool than most. It has 35,000 pictures that people took specifically for use in calendars or that came out looking like a calendar shot. There are some great images here, some inspiring just on a photographic level. The group allows users to submit as many as five pictures per day.

The group hasn’t been as active lately, which is a shame. But there are still some amazing pictures that are worth a look through. If you take 15 minutes to browse some of the pics, you will be sure to get some ideas.

8. I Love My Calendar Girl

Coca Cola Calendar Pin Up Girl

Another scanner group, this one also focuses on pre-1970 vintage calendar images. However, this one is more model-centric. It is dedicated to those images in calendars that were sometimes racy at the time, but left a lot to the imagination.

The group is safe, so you have to watch what you post. But it does allow very light nudity, within reason. There is an impressive collection here, many from the greatest calendar artists of the time. The group is definitely worth a look, if you are interested in that kind of thing.

9. Creative Advent Calendars

Moving Day

Creating advent calendars can be a lot of fun. But coming up with something unique is a little difficult at times, and you might be tempted to just go with the basics this holiday season. But before you go that route, check out these creative Advent ideas from Flickr members.

Not only are there some great ideas for design but also for things to put into each day’s Advent container, making it a real treat for the recipient. I am planning on trying a few of these myself.

Calendars are maybe not as useful as they once were in an age of more advanced technology. But they are still fun, attractive and functional, and they remind us all of a different time. If you are a fan, these groups are sure to excite you.

Do you have a calendar group or tool that you love? Let us know in the comments.