Famous Star Wars Scenes Expressed in Typography


Have you ever found yourself sitting around on a Sunday morning, drinking a hot cup of coffee, wishing that you could just once see a recreation of a Star Wars scene done entirely in typography?
Probably not, but I do that all the time. . But I bet you are thinking about it now, and you think that would be pretty awesome, right?
There is no limit to the creativity and breathtaking amount of time that went into these 10 projects. So enjoy these edited Star Wars scenes done in font.

New Hope Battle

The fight against the first Death Star by the Rebel Alliance is legendary. Most of us will never forget the swoop of the X-Wings as they went to take out the most evil and unstoppable force of the Empire.
It is the classic story of the little guy fighting the odds and winning because they were on the side of freedom. This scenes shows it all with changes so it is filled with examples of typography. I was especially impressed by the “TRENCHESTRENCHESTRENCHES”.

Escape In The Millennium Falcon

We learned in this scene that Han Solo knew “a few tricks” that could get him and the others out of absolutely anything. The video itself was less direct than some of the others I have seen. It was straight typography, and used simple suggestions to enrich the events happening in the audio. It was the maker’s first experiment with the style, which is incredible.

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker

The three prequels to the original series left much to be desired for most fans. But the third in the trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, was a marked improvement on the first two; probably because this one went a little darker in tone. This typography video lacks some creativity and focus, but the ending in good. Who doesn’t love the bright clash of lightsabers?

Yoda “Size Matters Not”

Yoda is one of the greatest characters is movie history, and definitely one of the coolest green puppets ever created. I would pit him against Kermit the Frog any day. But one of his standout moments is when he explains the Force, and the unimportance of physical size in wielding it. The typography in this clip was done well, with the well known Star Wars font mixed with a dark green and white against a black background. It gives you just enough to enjoy watching.

I Am Your Father

It is a shame that so many generations have grown up with “Luke, I am your father” as a pop culture reference. It removed the utter shock of the moment, when the truth was discovered in “The Empire Strikes Back.”. This video did a fairly good job of capturing the feel of the moment, though they could have put in more effects and creative placement to flesh it out.

Pub Brawl

Tatooine is both seen as a rough and laughable campy planet by many. Luke gets into some trouble with a tough crowd in one of the pubs, and old Ben of course comes to his aid. While not a whole lot happens in this video, the use of typography to depict action sequences in the scene was great – – so great we can let the typo “carefull” instead of “careful” slide.

Han Solo’s Carbon Freeze

Did you know that Harrison Ford originally wanted his character Han Solo to die in The Empire Strikes Back? He thought that it would be a much more dramatic and serious plot development. But George Lucas felt that he was too important to the story, and so he was frozen and later rescued from Jabba the Hutt’s. This was a great adaption of the freezing scene, and just corny enough to put it parallel with the film.

Darth Vader Senses Obi-Wan

When old Ben approaches the Death Star in the first film, Darth Vader senses him. He calls it a disturbance in the Force, and swears that he can feel something akin to what he once felt from his old master. The typography is a little bit lacking here, but there are some cool parts. For example the “BEEP” that shows up to signify the radar.

I Am Your Father 2

Another from the scene where Luke has his hand cut off and learns the truth about Vader, this one had many more views but wasn’t quite as well done. Butt he font used was interesting and worked well, and the unexpected colors held a touch of futuristic glamor that I enjoyed.

“The Path”

Another of the best Star Wars typography I have seen, this one uses both font and images to give a stylized look at the path of Darth Vader, from the anger and hate of his youth to the man he became. Complete with Yoda’s warning about the path to the Dark Side.
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