New and Stylish Accessories for the iPhone 4S


The success of the iPhone 4S bodes well for the producers of smart phone accessories. The iPhone has sold in staggeringly high volumes since its release in October, sending electronics retailers scrambling to stock their stores with attractive and novel accessories. If you’re participating in the upcoming holiday season, smartphone accessories could make a thoughtful and interesting gift for someone close to you (or to yourself, if you’re feeling greedy). People will be likely react to a new iPhone case or a set of speakers much better than if you gave them a gift card to an electronics store. If you have the iPhone 4S or if you’re planning on purchasing a gift for someone who owns one, I highly recommend any of these six accessories to enhance the experience.


The iControlpad is for the smartphone gamer. You know the type, the person too busy to answer your texts because they’re stuck on a particularly sticky level in Angry Birds. The iControl basically works as a game controller extension for your iPhone, turning it into a mobile gaming system on par with a Nintendo DS or PSP. With the iControlpad, the user can play a host of emulated games as well as several popular games found in the App store.

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

If you’ve had a good year and you’re not hesitant to throw down some money on quality electronics, you may want to check out the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air speaker system for iPhones. Featuring a futuristic zeppelin-like speaker design, the Zeppelin Air emanates a feeling of cool sophistication. When you’re not using the speaker system as a dock for your iPhone’s music, the speakers will also stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. It’s an easy choice for the discerning (and high earning) iPhone user.

Just Mobile Xtand Go

Frequent drivers might want to pick up the Just Mobile Xtand Go to get that iPhone out of their lap while they’re on the road. This stand attaches to your car dashboard for hassle-free access to your iPhone should you need it for directions to pump tunes into your car. What’s more, the stand’s arm rotates easily at a 360 degree angle so the passengers can control content on the iPhone as well.

Phone carrying case by Hard Graft

If you still want to purchase an iPhone accessory that says sophisticated without costing you a bundle, take a look at one of the carrying cases on Hard Graft’s website. Constructed from an aesthetically pleasing but muted combination of wool and leather, these cases are individually made with great care and consideration. If you weren’t already, the purchase of the iPhone 4S turned you into an Apple fans—a group of individuals driven by beautiful design. So join the aesthetic movement and forgo the flashy plastic cases for one that has a little more class.

Jawbone Jambox

There’s another great wireless speaker to consider for the iPhone 4S, and that’s the Jawbone Jambox. With Jawbone Jambox you control all aspects of your iPhone’s sound remotely, with an ease that will make you forget about any speaker docks that you entertaining with before. An advertisement on Jawbone’s website says it all about this amazingly compact but powerful speaker system. It’s the mere size of a TV controller, and yet the Jawbone Jambox has endless utility to provide atmospheric sound to any situation: dinner parties, party parties, serious mobile gaming, video chatting, and anything else you can think of.

“Juice Jack Plus” Battery Case

For all its notable strengths, the iPhone 4S has one nagging flaw: poor battery life. In fact, the lackluster battery life has been making headlines recently with many customers citing it as their main complaint with the iPhone 4S. Fortunately there’s the Juice Jack Plus battery case, which is designed to double the battery life of the iPhone 4 and 4S models. The case may be a little pricey for some people ($99), but the money is well worth not having to recharge your phone every few hours.