35 Effective Yet Simple Print Ads That Grab Your Attention


Grabbing attention with print ads is one of the most hard work in advertising industry.The creativity,the imagination is the most important part of the print advertising and of course being simple is also very imporant.

Advertising surrounds us in every part of our everyday life;on TV’s,radios,outdoor magazines etc..Imagine how big the advertising industry is.

Today we’ve collected very creative yet simple commercial ads and campaigns prints.Hope you like them.

Drive-through Safari at Nehru Zoological Park

The New Kia Sportage With Rear View Camera

Avis: Reunion Luxury Car Rental

Young Director Award-Born to Create Drama

Sanzer Hand Gel-What You Really Touch?

See the Unseen-Spuk Stock Pictures

Eurostar:When was the Last Time You Visited London?

Google: Did You Mean Battleship?

McDonald’s:A Aandwich for Experts

Google: Did You Mean Jetlag?

ThaiHealth:Sleepiness is Stronger Than You

Pilot:Water Resistant

Mercedes-Benz: Cornering Light

Panasonic 3D TV: Dino

Nike Football: Write the Future, Ronaldo

CNN Turk: Camera Man

Don’t Talk While He Drives

Fedex: USA-Brazil

Audiobooks From dig2go.com

Ortoimplant Dental Clinic:All Your Teeth Back in Just 24 hours

Rowenta Silence Force Vacuum Cleaner

Alukim Foil:Keep it Fresh(Fish)

Midea Security Cameras

Canon PowerShot D10 Underwater Camera

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

With Optical Image Stabilizer

New Skoda:More Panoramic Sunroof Than Ever Before

Toyo Octopus

The Nikon S60. Detects Up to 12 Faces.

Pantene Hair Fall Control

Dreaming of a Caribbean Cruise?

Cobra Car Alarms

Tetris Returns

Save The Trees

Lexum European Eye Clinic:Laser eye Surgery



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