10 Free E-books for Web Designers,Developers and Freelancers-Part 1


Today we are beginning to publish series of ebooks for web designers and web developers.We don’t want to put tens of free ebooks in just one post because we are looking for quality ones which will help all of you to improve yourself(beginners to profs.)

You can also buy the print versions of them mostly from amazon but the online and PDF versions are great sources for us.

1.The Web Book

The Web Book is a free 350-page book that tells you everything you need to know in order to create a home or business Web site from scratch. It covers everything from registering a domain name and renting some hosting space, to creating your first HTML page, to building full online database applications with PHP and MySQL. It also tells you how to market and promote your site, and how to make money from it.
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2.Design Your Imagination

“Design Your Imagination”; a one stop resource for the beginners and learners of website design. Though this e-book is mainly targeted for the beginners of website design, it might prove helpful for the experienced web designers as well. As this web design ebook is written by WebGuru’s seasoned professionals, a reader can share their professional views and opinions by reading it. This free web design e-book is clearly divided into 28 chapters and in each chapter a specific topic is illustrated with ample examples. The language is as lucid as possible and proper care has been taken to keep intact the flow of writing.
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3.Time Management for Creative People

It’s subtitled ‘Manage the Mundane – Create the Extraordinary’ as it’s designed to help you maintain your creative focus while dealing with your other commitments.
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4.Freedom, Money, Time,Key to Creative Success

It’s full of practical advice you can apply to your own situation, if you want to earn a living from your creative talent, or if you’re a freelancer or small business owner and want to make your business less stressful and more profitable.
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5.The Woork Handbook

The Woork Handbook is a free eBook about CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, Mootools, Scriptaculous and other topics about web design.
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6.Web Style Guide 3rd Edition

Written for web site designers in corporations, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions, the book explains established design principles and covers all aspects of web design—from planning to production to maintenance. The guide also shows how these principles apply in web design projects whose primary concerns are information design, interface design, and efficient search and navigation.
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7.Web Designer’s Success Guide

Web Designer’s Success Guide is the definitive guide to starting your own freelance Web design business. In this book he gives designers step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the following:

* Transition from full-time to self-employment
* Freelance on the side to make additional income
* Find new clients and keep them coming back for more
* Market your freelance business
* Manage your projects professionally
* Price your services appropriately
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8.The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style is on many a designer’s bookshelf and is considered to be a classic in the field. Indeed the renowned typographer Hermann Zapf proclaims the book to be “a must for everybody in the graphic arts, and especially for our new friends entering the field”
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9.Taking Your Talent To The Web

Rated Five Stars at Amazon.com since the day it was published, “Taking Your Talent to the Web” is now a free downloadable book from zeldman.com
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Nothing to say about W3Schools.If you want to learn how to make a website then W3Schools is the starting point.
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