34 Photoshop HD Video Tutorials To Help You Improve Your Skills


Following written Photoshop tutorials maybe easier to understand the steps but sometimes some high definition tutorials are also really easy to follow.Especially the ones about photo retouching are a great fun to watch.
Personally,i learnt alot from those HD videos so i advice you also sit back and watch them.Be sure,you will learn great techniques.

1.PaperCraft 5:25

2.Add Dramatic Color to Photographs 8:19

3.How To Create Multi-Colored Glowing Lines 6:23

4.Photoshopping Neon Text 8:11
5.Twilight Text Effect 24:46

6.Create a Warm Grungy Background 22:26

7.Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop 6:21

8.Basic Cover Art Tutorial 40:23

9.Na’vi Avatar Photo Manipulation 9:10

10.Make a Shattered Dagger Poster 12:09

11.Add and Remove Tattoos 9:27

12.Incredible Neon Tube Text 21:26

13.Basics of Using 3D Objects

14.Creative Wedding Album Design 5:57

15.Expert Photo Fixes 21:20

16.Create Messy Type-Based Poster Artwork 20:04

17.How to Design a Magazine Front Cover 15:11

18.Chrome Car Paint 4:10

19.How To Anime Yourself 5:30

20.Using a Drawing Pad 5:17

21.Creating an HDR Image From A Single RAW File 4:18

22.Awesome Magic Looking Effect 10:44

23.Glow Effects in Photoshop 6:46

24.The Lomo Effect 5:04

25.Photoshop CS5 – Digital Make Up 3:44

26.Create Smooth Bubbles 8:48

27.Breast Enhancement 3:57

28.Create an Explosive Color Swath 9:44

29.Advanced Photoshop Techniques for UI 37:12

30.Photoshopping Digital Bokeh 7:55

31.Cool Dark Night Effect 17:52

32.Splattered Photoshop Tutorial 25:32

33.Awesome Eyes in Photoshop 5:27

34.Create an Eerie Underwater Composition in Photoshop 15:00