37 Free and Updated WordPress 3.0 Compatible Themes


With the release of WordPress 3.0(then 3.0.1) we have seen many new features like custom post types,custom menu and new navigation menus.But there was a problem with many themes about the compability for WordPress 3.0.after releasing;many wordpress theme developers immediately began to update their themes and the updated themes are being released every day.Today i’ve collected many WordPress 3.0+ compatible themes.Some of them are new and some of them are updated for the latest release of WordPress.

FashionPress Theme (Demo | Download)

Spectre(Demo | Download)

Shade(Demo | Download)

Bluemasters Theme(Demo | Download)

Boldy(Demo | Download)

SimploBlack Theme(Demo | Download)

Best Games(Demo | Download)

GadgetMax(Demo | Download)

AppZine(Demo | Download)

Drakon(Demo | Download)

Deltared(Demo | Download)

Larisa(Demo | Download)

Elite Magazine(Demo | Download)

Bishon Magazine(Demo | Download)

Masterclass Magazine(Demo | Download)

Fresh Magazine(Demo | Download)

Cekalinoasi Magazine(Demo | Download)

Pefokori Magazine(Demo | Download)

Unread Theme(Demo | Download)

Bubblog Theme(Demo | Download)

Angelina(Demo | Download)

Epione(Demo | Download)

NewsPress Journal(Demo | Download)

Custom Community Them(Demo | Download)

Feed Me, Seymour(Demo | Download)

Imbalance(Demo | Download)

Portfolium 1.1(Demo | Download)

Suburbia 1.1(Demo | Download)

Shaken Grid(Demo | Download)

Mr.Pixel(Demo | Download)

Goo-Inspired Theme(Demo | Download)

Azalea(Demo | Download)

Chlorineous(Demo | Download)

Irontastic(Demo | Download)

Channel Theme(Demo | Download)

Arras(Demo | Download)

Junoon Theme(Demo | Download)