45 Excellent Examples Of Creatively Edited Photography


Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception.It is one of the most attractive part of digital editing and being used widely in the magazine industry.Personally ,i like creating illusions because they are more meaningful and make you imagine deeply.Today i’ve collected really beautiful examples of creative edit photography.Hope you like them.

It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore

This Other Myself

Miracle? No thanks!

Lauri Silva

Eyes Wide Shut

J’dirai rien, j’ai rien vu !

Reinvention of the Cello

My Lil Red Devils

Who is afraid of a tree?

Earth’s Sorrow


If i can

Hands up

Get High And Fly

Waiting for You

Don’t Speak

It will never be 8 a.m.


Welcome To A Brand New World!

Outside the Hospital Room

Conflit d’interet




Soon It will be Spring

The Street is Deserted Waste



Stop Motion

Car Wash


Eye Catcher

Stormy Mind

The Eerie Forest

Just for the Sake of Fun


My Lil Camera Crew

Be Yourself

A Home

Earth’s Sorrow 2


A Little Celebration

Home of The Dwarfs

Living in Decay

The Dead Angle

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