”Golden Hour” Photography-35 Wonderful Examples


Photographers know that there must be enough light and correct angle for a photo to make it perfect.Not more or not less.This is very important.Especially in landscape photography,if you take photos in correct light angle with enough light then be sure that it will be a good one.
So what is Golden Hour Photography?Wikipedia tells us this very brief and easy to understand.

In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day,when a specific photographic effect is achieved with the quality of the light.

The light doesn’t hit the object straight but hits with an angle.And this makes the photo with perfect quality.It gives ambiance,a touch of romance,…….

Well you make think this period lasts for an hour but not.From my experience for years,it would be good not to call it Golden Hour but Golden Minutes.You only have a few minutes to get the perfect lighting qualitiy..It is better for you to look over the below photos to see what i mean.
But before that,there is a web site which you can calculate the Golden Hour for a specific location.The Golden Hour Calculator As you may understand,it calculates the sunrise and sunset time of your location.It determines your place automatically from your IP number shows you the time of Golden Hour.
Golden Hour Calculator

Great Examples Of Golden Hour Photography

photo by:Erling Sivertsen

photo by:dreamscapepics

photo by:Larry

photo by:Scott

photo by:Steve Kelly

photo by:Steve Coleman

photo by:MaxGag

photo by:Jason Stone

photo by:cobalt123

photo by:Wes Thomas

photo by:MorBCN

photo by:runner310

photo by:Maria Marques

photo by:Joe

photo by:Patrick

photo by:Mel Mijares

photo by:Jim Norris

photo by:Richard M

photo by:Nicolo Marallag

photo by:Olivier

photo by:Brian Geltner

photo by:Jeff Stvan

photo by:JAMA Smith

photo by:Bruce S

photo by:Alison

photo by:Michael

photo by:mikomiao

photo by:Dominique Robert

photo by:DigArtToo

photo by:Bandeira Sharma

photo by:Jerry E Shelton

photo by:Martin Pinker

photo by:Vicki DeVico

photo by:Travis Isaacs

photo by:Doug Wilson

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