Smoke Art:Wonderful Examples Of Inspirational Smoke Photography


This week’s photography inspiration is about Smoke Photography.Normally,when we take a photo of anything,we know what we have taken but in this kind of photography the result is always in our imagination.It is always a mystery for us until we see the photo and if you are lucky enough,you can take unbelivable shots.Below smoke photos are just examples of what i told you.Use your own imagination but mostly,we imagine same things.Some photos are only colored using photoshop without changing its’ originality.Do you imagine the same as in the titles or something different.Hope you like the photos!!!

Smoke Angel



Another Rose

Ghostly Robot

Face Without a Name


Dancing Angel

Smokey Rose


Goat or Medieval Horse?

Mother and Child

Smoke Woman

Smokey Whirls

For You

Smoke Art Earth


Pregnant Lady

The Rose!

Is it a Smoky Tulip?

Layers of Silk

Purple Haze all in my Brain


Rising Above

Prehistoric Bird

Boy Playing With His New Kite

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