Ever Wondered The Workstations Of Designers and Bloggers?


A week ago i was watching ”Leverage” on TV and there was a scene where the good man was trying to connect to a company’s computer on his glass desk.On that moment something came to my mind and i decided to send e-mails to the founders of some design related blogs to see where they write and work.I’m sure many people wonder the workstations of our friends and thank you very much  for helping me to create this post.Some of the bloggers will send later and i will add them here of course.

Where do i work?Well,i live in my cousin’s house for now and i will add my workstation photo when i moved to my house.

Hope you enjoy the post!!!

Kevin Liew,Queness


Steven Snell,Vandelay Design & DesignM.ag

Jon Phillips,SpyreStudios

Pavel Ciorici,WPZOOM

Johnson Koh,10Steps.sg

Franz Jeitz,Fudgegraphics

Andy Sowards,AndySowards

Chad Engle,FuelYourCreativity

Zach Dunn,Buildinternet

Rafiq Elmansy,Graphicmania

Chris Coyier,CSS-Tricks

Chris Spooner,SpoonGraphics

Andrew Houle,MyInkBlog

Sneh Roy,LittleBoxOfIdeas

Navdeep Raj,Dezinerfolio

Paul Boag,BoagWorld

Jan Cavan,Dawghouse Design Studio

Jeya of Media Militia,MediaMilitia

Sebastian Scheuer,KnowTeBook


Louis Gubitosi,InteractiveBlend

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