37 Inspirational and Detailed WordPress Theme Design Tutorials


Do you think that designing a wordpress theme is really hard?Well i don’t think so anymore.Most of us,at first, think that theme design is something so complicated but when you read these tutorials you will see that the first thing you need is the imagination.

Never forget!!! First you will imagine,dream and then you will get the sources.Of course you must be experienced a little bit in designing or in photoshop but believe me if you love wordpress blogging,creating a unique wordpress theme design will make you really excited.

Today i’ve collected 37 WordPress Theme Design Tutorials  to help you improve yourself and even you can start learning wordpress theme designing step by step.

1.Premium WordPress Theme Photoshop Tutorial


2.Make An Elegant Blog Layout In Photoshop


3.Create A Grunge WordPress Theme With Photoshop


4.Create A WordPress Interface In Photoshop


5.Design A Light WordPress Theme In Photoshop


6.How To Design A WordPress Theme In Photoshop


7.Create An Elegant Photoshop (PSD) Template For WordPress


8.From Photoshop To WordPress – Part I


9.How To Create A Grunge Web Design In Photoshop


10.How To Make A Creative Blog Layout


11.Wordpress Layout


12.How To Create A Simple Mockup Version Of A WordPress Template

13.How To Create An Efficient WordPress Mockup Layout In Photoshop


14.Creating A WordPress Theme Called “BLOOpress


15.Creating A WordPress Mockup Layout With Some 3D Elements


16.How To Create A Sleek, Clean And Spacious WordPress Blog


17.Design A WordPress Mockup Theme


18.Create An Elegant WordPress Theme


19.Create A Magic Night Themed Web Design From Scratch In Photoshop


20.Premium WordPress Theme Design Part 1 – The Photoshop Mock Up


21.How To Create a “Worn Paper” Web Layout Using Photoshop


22.How To Create A Dark And Sleek Blog Design In Photoshop

23.How To Make An Impressive Blog Layout In Photoshop


24.Create A Winter Theme Web Design In Photoshop


25.How to Create A Sleek And Textured Web Layout In Photoshop


26.Watercolored Design Studio Blog Layout


27.Personal Homepage Theme


28.Corporate WordPress Style Layout


29.Chocolate Pro WordPress Style Layout


30.Design A Fresh Blog Theme On The 960 Grid


31.Create A Modern Blog Layout


32.MyBlues WordPress Style Layout


33.GreenPress WordPress Theme Design


34.How To Create Personal Blog


35.Tutorial RocknRolla Blog Design


36.Making The ‘Clean Grunge’ Blog Design


37.Creating A Tech Blog Layout In Adobe Photoshop

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