Designbeep Free Resources for Designers and Developers Tue, 01 Dec 2015 09:30:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 9 Free Watercolor Christmas Cards (print-ready) Tue, 01 Dec 2015 09:29:17 +0000 Our friends from Freepik shares today on Designbeep with all our readers a complete pack that includes an amazing variety of Watercolor Christmas Cards.These Watercolor Christmas Cards are in 100% vector, print-ready and comes in AI, EPS and JPEG formats. is one of the best places on the net to find high quality vectors, stock photos, PSD files, premium HD videos, and special deals.
You can use,share or modify these icons both for your personal and commercial projects.



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Premium UI Kits, icons, fonts at $8 each – Black Friday deal Fri, 27 Nov 2015 15:15:49 +0000 Visual Hierarchy a popular market for buying premium creative products for designers is offering a fantastic deal. You can get all their premium UI kits, icons, and fonts for $8 each on Black Friday.

– Use them to create better websites, mobile prototypes and delightful graphic design projects (logos, t-shirts, flyers, posters, business cards, bags etc.)

– Save hundreds of dollars for a limited time and start creating quality websites and mobile prototypes.

Are you in search of Mockups, perhaps? Huge discounts ranging from 50% to 66% are available for these products too. You only have 24h before their Black Friday deal ends. Happy shopping!
Here are some of the premium products available at only $8 each:

Grade Web UI Kit (reg. $58)



Baikal – Startup UI Kit (reg. $58)



Bolder Multipurpose Mobile UI Kit for Sketch (reg. $25)



Livo Mobile UI Kit (reg. $38)



Silk UI Kit (reg. $38)



LineKing iOS Icons (reg. $88)



700+ Vector Icons Pack (reg. $24)



Vanilla Daisy Script (reg. $17)

8A few of the mockups available at a heavy discounted price


Perspective Mockups Scene Generator ($12 – 63% off!)



I am Creator Scene Generator for Designers ($14 – 63% off!)


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Black Friday Deals – Tools & Resources For Web Professionals Fri, 27 Nov 2015 09:10:21 +0000 As always, Black Friday brings some awesome deals for designers and developers. Here’s a list of hand-picked hot offers to save you a lot of time and make your life even more enjoyable. Don’t miss out and read it carefully!

1.InstapageInstapage is the most powerful landing page builder available where users can create professionally designed pages with no coding or design experience necessary. With more than 80 pre-built templates and 20+ integrations, individual marketers, marketing teams, and many design agencies benefit from Instapage. Integrations vary from email marketing, CRM, webinar, and analytics — making landing pages more powerful for marketing campaigns.

All users receive unlimited landing pages, traffic, and domain publishing. Users can create lead generation, webinar sign-up, mobile app download, and thank you pages quickly and easily with Instapage’s drag and drop editor. The point-and-click editor allows users the freedom and flexibility to customize their pages any way they choose.

Instapage offers a free 45-day trial and three subscription levels (Basic, Pro, Premium). Basic users get 2 live A/B split tests and email support. Pro users get ‘Basic’ benefits plus unlimited A/B testing, read-only team members, full HTML custom editing, one client account, and a template import option. Premium users get ‘Pro’ benefits plus a template review from one of Instapage’s design experts.

Learn more about Instapage here.

2.-MydesigndealsMyDesignDeals is the best place on the planet for high quality design deals. These guys simply never tire of curating the best of the best, year round.
A new bundle has just been launched with 45 jaw-dropping fonts, plus hundreds of extras like watercolor styles, vector shapes, and much more. On top of that, you get extended licensing for everything, meaning you can use them to create digital items for resale in your own shop. If you’re a web developer, you’ll be happy to know that webfonts are also included, so you can incorporate these fonts into your online projects with ease.
For a short time, you can get everything for only $39, that’s 97% off the regular price ($1,186). Grab it now before it’s too late!

3.-ShrinkthewebShrink the Web gives fully automated website previews letting you capture website screenshots and even crop, shrink, save or upload website pages. It is easy to use as you just have to use a single line of code that you paste into a bar or a screenshot plugin and it is also easy to install and integrate. Every member has its own profile as the website provides four different types of accounts (paid or free depending on what exclusive pro features you want to have and to use).
They are a great choice, a highly acclaimed service and thumbnail provider with a good team support.Their pro features like URL-to-PDF conversion, custom quality or the miscellaneous ones like Refresh On-Demand that allows you to programmatically request refreshes of any website, Custom Delay that allows a number of second before opening a page that uses Flash content and Private Label Option or custom resolution are the main reason for which you should use this app.
Give it a try !

4As a web developer, searching for bugs is one of the most time-wasting tasks, but an essential one, for the functionality of a website. Sharing the solved pieces of code with your team means even more stress. Fortunately, Bugherd is a top notch platform for collaboration that helps you with the debugging you need in a neat point and click process to mark the interface issue corresponding to the pieces of code that need to be changed.
It’s cheaper and better than their competitors. Taking care of your code is an extraordinary task that deserves the best assistance you can get.

Bugherd is just $5 per user, per month. As low as that !

ThemifyThemify is one of the leading innovators of powerful WordPress themes. Maybe the most important reason why these themes are so powerful, is because of the Themify Builder. Yes, it’s a drag and drop page builder that allows you to create custom layouts for posts and pages. It works with such ease, that everybody can do amasing things with it.
All Themify themes are equipped with this layout builder. Besides that, it is also possible to purchase the Themify Builder separately as a plugin. A plugin that works with any WordPress theme.
Have you ever use it ? Now it’s the perfect time to start.

6OpinionStage is a really nice tool that permits the creation of polls and quizzes featuring text, images, and video. The way it does it, it’s outstanding. The polls you have easily created with Opinion Stage, can be shared on online social network and embedded on any websites. 

Today, Get 25% off all premium plans with this code: BlackFriday25%.

7If you are pressed for time or have too much on your plate, you can always opt for design to HTML coding web services. PSD2HTML® is the well-established leader on this competitive market. Founded in early 2005, they have completed over 75,000 projects from tens of thousands of clients all over the world. Just check out their portfolio and some cool company stats.
Starting this Black Friday, you can use this code – N2134I84 – and get 20% off on your first responsive HTML5/CSS3 order with PSD2HTML®. Hurry, the offer expires on December 12, 2015!

Elegant-ThemesElegantThemes provides you with countless themes for your website with user friendly features that will help even beginners to achieve their goal. The platform comes up with 80+ different templates, such as Divi 2.5, their newest and most flexible one, which gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their websites in a facile way.
On Black Friday, you have 25% discount for accessing all their themes!

9With Flyzoo you can easily chat with amazing users in a real-time chat, as it also have a feature named Dock Mode which provides a Live Support Chat that lets your customers assign operators. You should try their 14 day free trial and sign up!
Give it a try !

10Be one step ahead of your competition, with Darwin Pricing. Yes, it can do that for you ! It’s a platform that helps you manage geo-targeted sales campaigns to stand out from your competitors. It gathers many important key features including real-time market analysis, geolocation and seamless integration.
Their Black Friday offer is probably the best available on the internet : Only $9.95/mo instead of the regular price of $480/mo for small businesses! 
Get the app now and boost your profits with no risk for a free 7 days trial!

11.-IconsflowIconsFlow is a tool where you can create icons for your projects and that’s not all.You can choose from more than 200 000 streamline, flat, solid or webby icons and you don’t even need designer skills Share, embed, showcase and download your icons in SVG, PNG and ICO formats.
Get a premium plan for just $0,75/month (yearly plan) with this code: BlackFriday2015

12Wireframing and prototyping tools are in abundance in the market today, but we believe Mockplus is worth sharing for it’s simplicity, speediness and cleanliness. If you are looking to create interactive prototypes in a minimum of time, Mockplus is the perfect tool.

You cannot go wrong with any of the selected deals, regardless the offers. Are top notch tools and services, most with awesome discount levels.

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Buddy – Simple Git hosting with easy CI tools Fri, 27 Nov 2015 06:46:34 +0000 What is Buddy?

Buddy is a simple tool that lets web and software developers host, build and deploy apps and websites with little to no effort. It can be connected to a GitHub or Bitbucket repository and work as a CI/CD tool, or used as a hosting service with extra Git features and dedicated deployments.

The main idea behind Buddy was to simplify the process of Continuous Delivery as much as possible without sacrificing any functionality. It was achieved by reducing the steps required to ship code from repository to its final form on the server to minimum, while giving the user complete freedom in building his workflow.
The whole product is packed in a slick and clear UI that makes the process even more


How does Buddy work

With Buddy developers can create multiple delivery pipelines for their code in a simple way using release scenarios – a set of pre-scripted Continuous Delivery actions arranged and performed in a sequence.

For example, a developer can create a scenario that will automatically update and rebuild his website on every push to the repository. Larger teams like software houses can use Buddy to build, test and deploy apps with code in several pipelines at once, keeping everybody up to date with real-time notifications after every release.

On top of deployments, Buddy offers a fully functional Git version control with merge requests, branch management, push permissions and tools for code review. There’s also a handy in-line editor for putting out late fires and fixing typos.

In terms of security, Buddy handles all communication via encrypted SSH and HTTPS channels. Admins can restrict access to repositories to individual groups and users, set branch push permissions, and create custom permission sets for junior devs or clients.

What problems with software Buddy solves

– No release feature in GitHub and Bitbucket
– Difficult to understand (“I know what I want to do, but I’ve no idea how”)
– Unintuitive and cluttered UI (“Where the hell do I click to get started?”)
– Slow / unreliable deploy (“Goddamit, will it ever end? — Oh no, it got stuck again!”)
– Not enough release actions (“Cool, but it won’t work for my workflow”)
– Sluggish GUI (“Come on, load up you piece of crap!”)


• Build, test and deploy your apps automatically, on demand, or on schedule
• Ship code directly from GitHub and Bitbucket or use Buddy for hosting
• Deploy changes to FTP, SFTP, Heroku, Amazon S3, WebDAV and Digital Ocean
• Extra CI/CD actions with more to come: SSH scripts, POST notifications, push-to-git
• Keep your team up to date with GUI, mobile and Slack notifications
• Run builds on premise and deploy on success (coming soon)
• Merge requests with easy branch management
• Review and compare of files and revisions
• Code editor with syntax highlight and blame tool
• Support for images and PSD’s
• Open API and webhooks
• Code editor with syntax highlight
• Created with love for beautiful and functional design


About Buddy, LLC.

The software launched in November 2015 after a five-month beta period during which the team was gathering feedback from the users, clearing bugs, adding new features and polishing the UI. It was created by a team of 16 with over a decade of experience in creating web development software.

Buddy socials:



Simon Szczepankowski – CEO & Co-Founder (
Alexander Kuś – Growth Manager (
Octavia Nowakowska – Marketing Specialist (

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208 New FREE Weather Icons ( Iconfont) Wed, 25 Nov 2015 08:40:28 +0000 This is the weather series of The Icons Set with different weather related icons. Those icons have a common and pleasing style that will make it easy to add to any project.There are 208 weather icons in this set.Each icons comes with stroked and filled versions.

The Weather series of The Icon Set is a custom @font-face icon font that can be styled dynamically using CSS.(Size, color and any style available in CSS.)

This icon font uses the Private Use Area of Unicode so that it will not trip up screen readers with weird symbols.

weather icons css

[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”weather icons css” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Demo[/gpp_button]    [gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”weather icons css” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Source[/gpp_button]

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Fresh Free Font Of The Day : Fester Wed, 25 Nov 2015 08:20:14 +0000 Here on Designbeep,we also aim to help designers to find free yet high quality resources whether for your web design projects or graphic design projects.Who doesn’t like freebies?
Well,although we bring together free font collections time to time we decided to share a free font everyday and today’s free font Fester is designed by Nawras Moneer.

FESTER is an uppercase, semi-condensed, sans-serif typeface. Its gentle, clean appearance makes it a suitable typeface for headlines, posters, titles and captions. It consists of 256 character glyphs & over 3302 kerning pairs.

1.Font Of The Day  Fester

2.Font Of The Day  Fester

3.Font Of The Day  Fester

[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”free fonts” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Download[/gpp_button]

[gpp_button color=”black” url=”” title=”free fonts” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]View All Free Fonts[/gpp_button]

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Shazam-Like Morphing Button Effect Wed, 25 Nov 2015 08:00:51 +0000 This a tutorial on how to create a Shazam-like button that morphs into a music player using Snap.svg.In this tutorial you will create a Shazam-like UI where we initially have a simple button that, when clicked, morphs into a listening button.

And also some musical notes will be animated that fly from outside of the viewport to the listening button to indicate listening activity. Finally, the listening button will transform into a music player with album info of the “identified” song.


[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”Morphing Button Effect” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Demo[/gpp_button]    [gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”Morphing Button Effect” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Source[/gpp_button]

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Smartblog- Clean WordPress Blog Theme Wed, 25 Nov 2015 07:43:32 +0000 SmartBlog is a light and elegant theme tailored to be exceptional on all kinds of blogs. Not only its modern design is pleasing to the eyes, it packs in robust yet easy-to-use backend system all managed through WordPress Live Customizer. If the numerous theme options are not enough for you, rest assured that our support staff will be at your service to assist you.

This theme comes with Fully Responsive design with High Definition Retina graphics and it has several Homepage Layouts.


[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”best wordpress themes” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Demo[/gpp_button]    [gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”wordpress theme” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Source[/gpp_button]

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Surprising natural link building tactics that will launch your Google rankings to page 1! Fri, 20 Nov 2015 08:50:51 +0000 If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, you need to generate links that will pass the authority that will allow Google’s algorithm to rank you on the first page of the search engine results. Executing the link building strategies can be a challenge. To make it easier, we have provided the following tips on how you can acquire links successfully with these SEO link building strategies.


Create link-bait with influencers

Link baiting by creating epic content is the most natural and risk free approach to building links for your website. To achieve this, you must create content that will resonate and incentivise the audience to reference the content on their site (or on another website) as a link. Some examples of the type of content that can be created includes:
Developing a how to guide on a specific topic.
The guide should be detailed and add value for the audience. Content bait can strategically be placed in the article by referencing other authors or influencers on the topic and letting them know via email or via social media.

Influencer roundup

People love showcasing themselves. If you showcase the great things that others have done, then it is likely they will share it with their family and friends. You can do a roundup of popular influencers in an industry and feature their profile or their work. Once you have finished, you can send them an email with the link to their feature and ask them to share it, save it or publish the link on their website.


When these are done well, they offer incredible insight into the performance of a certain task. For example, income reports by bloggers are proving to be very popular and results in a lot of blogger engagement, citations and references on social media and on their own websites.

Publishing on audio media websites

If you develop audio content such as podcasts, then this could be an option for you. Site’s such as ITunes and Soundcloud allow you to gain a link which links back to your website profile. To acquire this type of link, you need to develop a profile on the website or submit your podcast to ITunes, where you will receive a live link in return.

Submit testimonials

One method that is very underutilised is the submission of testimonials to other people’s websites. If you have suppliers that you are happy with, provide them with a glowing testimonial. You may be fortunate to be featured on the main pages on their site which pass authority and receive a live link back to your website.

Publish guest posts

Web publishers and editors are always in need of publishing good, quality content. If you can help provide them with an interesting story or information for their audience, they will often be thankful for it. Majority of websites will allow you to link out from your article to a reference that will add to the credibility of the publication.

Help out publishers

It is amazing how much of a positive response you can get from webmasters if you can help them resolve an issue on their website. In particular, if you can help them identify a broken link that is pointing to an external website and suggest replacement content for that link, they will usually be appreciative and reward you with a link.

Link reclamation

You can find unlinked mentions of your business, brand or personnel online and reach out to the publication to cite your website as a reference. You may find that you develop some authoritative links on some higher profile websites.
Reaching out to educational institutions as a resource.
Many people overlook the opportunity with acquiring links from schools, educational institutions and universities. Should your content be able to help students, you can forward an email asking to be referenced on a resource page. These links will help to boost the credibility of your link portfolio.

These are a few tactical ways to acquire natural links that will improve your website’s link portfolio and help your site to skyrocket to page 1 on Google.

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20 Free Christmas Icons Set (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG) Wed, 18 Nov 2015 12:45:42 +0000 The Christmas season is around the corner, to celebrate this festive holiday season we are sharing this amazing free Christmas icons pack. This gorgeous vector icon set contains 20 beautiful icons in AI, EPS, SVG, PNG formats and will be the ideal choice for your Christmas themed designs and projects. These vector icons can be used in web designs, graphic designs, app designs and in various forms of print media such as greeting cards, posters and brochures.

christmas icon

2.Free Christmas Icons

[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”free icons” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]DOWNLOAD[/gpp_button]

[gpp_button color=”black” url=”” title=”free icons” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]View All Free Icons[/gpp_button]

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