15 Best Affiliate Plugins For WordPress


This is a handpicked collection of affiliate plugins for WordPress blogs. Today thousands of people are using affiliate marketing system to start their own online business. So what is affiliate marketing? Basically it’s something like recommending a product or service to a potential buyer, and when a sale is eventually made at the seller’s website, an affiliate gets a commission.

Without a doubt affiliate programs are one of the most great source of income for internet marketers. In recent years affiliate marketing is growing really fast and i think the first reason is that it’s economical lucrative for both the affiliate and the merchandiser.

So the below WordPress plugins (and one theme) is for affiliate marketers. If you have a WordPress blog and if you want to earn some cash from afiliate system then just take a look at the below WordPress affiliate plugins to start your own online business.

Safe Affiliate Links – WordPress Plugin

affiliate plugin With safe affiliate links you will able to generate links to your website in seconds and monetize all your pages, And the best part is that you will not have problems with search engines since our special system generate links that are completly safe for SEO proposes. With Safe Affiliate links plugin there is no more penalizations for monetize your website with affiliation programs.
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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin

2.wordpress affiliate pluginIn just a few seconds you can browse trough Amazon’s categories, choose from what category to import, simply copy/paste the link, select what type of page is the one you want to import ASINS from & grab up to 100 products at a time.
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WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin

4.wordpress affiliate pluginWordPress Affiliate & Referral is a very useful plugin that extends your WordPress website with a very effective affiliate / referral system. Starting with v3.0.0 the plugin offers the option to pay affiliates via PayPal Pass Payment system.
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Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

6.wordpress affiliate pluginAdvertise Amazon products on your wordpress website and earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases.You can also receive advertising fees from all products your visitors buy, visit, not just the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days cookie feature.
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Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

7.wordpress affiliate pluginKingom is a premium unique theme built exclusive for our woocommerce amazon affiliates plugin. we decided to build a theme that fits perfectly with our plugin, without using unnecessary features & functions that other sophisticated themes might have.
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Envato Affiliate Cash for WordPress

8.wordpress affiliate pluginEnvato Affiliate Cash for WordPress makes it easy to generate tons of referals to Envato by automagically converting your marketplace links to referral URLs.Three different levels of link replacement to choose from – Posts content + post meta, excerpt content and RSS , and even comment content, URLs and comment RSS ! Simply select what content to serarch through and the plugin does all the work!
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Affiliate Machine

9.wordpress affiliate pluginThis plugin allows you to add affilate hyperlinks to any keywords or phrases throughout whole website or particular posts or pages. You only have to create list of relevant keywords and set your affiliate link for them. The plugin will highlight and hyperlink these keywords with your affiliate link throughout whole website or particular posts or pages automatically. Turn your website into money-making affiliate machine in one minute.
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LinkShare eStore Affiliates Plugin

10.wordpress affiliate pluginWith the LinkShare Affiliates program you are given access to a wide variety of merchants and products, including Apple iTunes, Wallmart, Dell and many others. If you want to offer brand recognition and popular products on your website, Linkshare is a great choice.
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Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates

12.wordpress affiliate pluginSixthlife Search WordPress Plugin is a Tool for Bloggers to promote Envato Products . It has been tested with (Themeforest.net, Codecanyon.net, Graphicriver.net, VideoHive) marketplaces. You can use this plugin to writeLong Articles/ Blog Posts including Envato Products.Sixthlife Search helps you search through the Envato Products retrieved from RSS feeds by Automatic Fetches(Crons) or Semi Automatic Fetches.
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CashCow – Affiliate Based Money Making System

13.wordpress affiliate pluginThis plugin helps you to collect and show marketplace items’ information automatically and immediately on your site. Of course with your referral link. Therefore you don’t need to waste your time for creating posts with new marketplace items.
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WP Job Hunter – WordPress Jobs Affiliate Plugin

14.wordpress affiliate pluginThis plugin can make everything automatically, you need to register on the service provider website, save your affiliate id in the plugin and it will make the hard work instead of you. Just relax and earn money with Job Affiliates. These websites pay you when somebody click on a sponsored job link on your website. (pay per click method) This plugin helps you to use Indeed.com, CareerJet and SimplyHired Affiliate system without any programming skills. The easiest way to make money with WordPress Affiliate website!
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Affiliate Helper WordPress Plugin

15.wordpress affiliate pluginUsing the four shortcodes this plugin provides, you can insert an envato item or list of envato items into a page or article. When the user clicks one item, he will be redirected to that item’s envato marketplace page so he can buy it. You will receive 30% of what he pays.
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Stealth Affiliate Surveys

17.wordpress affiliate pluginNew WordPress plugin turns skeptical visitors into a steady stream of commissions.
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WP e-Commerce Amazon Affiliates-Wordpress Plugin

18.wordpress affiliate pluginA product that allows you to import Amazon products in your WP e-Commerce store in no time!One time setup in just couple of minutes using wordpress platform and import products directly from Amazon.you can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon store in just a flash.
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WordPress Monetize Now

19.wordpress affiliate pluginIf you have ever wanted to start a site that is monetized by the Envato Affiliate Program, then you should know that WordPress Monetize Now is the only plugin that you really need.
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