A Fresh Collection of Ultra Minimal Websites For Inspiration


Minimalism is being used in almost every art forms and the concept of minimalism has been quite around for centuries but it became a specific art form in 20th century.

Simply minimalism is defined as eliminating all unessential elements in order to allow fundemental features.Minimalism has affected many artists for years and since the birth of world wide web it’s been also quite popular among web designers.In web design,minimalism is to bring the content to the forefront in order to enhance usability for a clean browsing experience.

Today we have gathered uıltra minimal websites for your inspiration.Most of the below minimal websites have been awarded.


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Nice and Serious

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Joris Works

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450 GSM

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Velvet Hammer

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Your Local Studio

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Alcya conseil

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Lab 21

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Anders Drage

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