Must Read Articles of The Week #2

This is a weekly post where we bring together great articles you might have missed.All these hand picked articles are for web designers and developers and we are sure you will find many useful yet innovative articles in this post.Enjoy!!!

Just a Simple Guide for Getting Started with git

web design and development


Daily Routine of a 4 Hour Programmer

web design and development
Everyone knows the routine, get to work by 9 AM, sit in front of the computer, code all day, and head home at 5. Now, thanks to guys like Tim Ferris I have started to re-think how I work and what makes me productive as a software developer.

63 Free PSD UI Kits for Quick MockUp

web design and development
Web UI kits have became a hot PSD freebies on the web recently. We can easily find gorgeous and outstanding design and it’s free for download! In this post, we listed out 63 UI kits we have collected around the web!

Firebug 1.9 New Features

web design and development
Firebug 1.9 has been released and as usual I would like to get this opportunity to present some new features introduced in this version.

How to Create Realistic, Vector Bubbles

web design and development
In this tutorial we will learn how to create realistic colorful bubbles

New High-Quality Free Fonts Roundup from Smashing Magazine

web design and development

HTML & CSS Blog Layout – Theme Implementation for WordPress

web design and development
In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to adapt a simple HTML blog layout into a WordPress theme. We’ll be using this static page as starting point.

8 Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

web design and development
Whether you’re already a pro at creating responsive web sites or your just learning what it’s all about, it’s good to have some scripts handy that you can easily integrate into your site.


15 Free and Useful Typography eBooks

web design and development
Typography is one of the favorite parts of design and today we have a very valuable collection of free ebooks about typography for every typography lover.If you want to improve yourself or learn something new the below ebooks will really help you

Integrating Insane Google Services with WordPress for Healthy Blogging

web design and development
Google has captured the virtual world like no other brand and their services have engraved their presence into the depths of the internet. A touch of arrogance gives humans the much required adrenaline rush and Google has it for them. Either you are with Google or you (almost) don’t exist.

Password strength verification with jQuery

web design and development
Many sites that require login credentials enforce a security setting often referred to as password complexity requirements. These requirements ensure that user passwords are sufficiently strong and cannot be easily broken.

Climbing the Ladder in the Web Industry

web design and development
After 3 years as a “UI Engineer” (whatever that means) in corporate America, I could tell that I was outgrowing the position and it was time to look for new work. This post contains just some of the many valuable things I did for myself outside of work and school that turned an impossible leap of faith into a painless bunny hop.

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