35 Inspiring and Informative ”About Me” Pages

An about me page is quite essential for a blogger,especially if you are a professional designer or something else you need an informative and well-designed about me page.I know many of you don’t overrate about me pages but you can find really interesting and inspiring about me pages on the net.Personally,i like checking these pages so much.If the about me page gives a good description of the author,i mean if it is well informative and creative then it makes you more credible.

Adham Dannaway



Candela Creative

Kyle Valentic

Veerle Pieters



Aphex Design

Daniel Buettne

Adriana Miranda

Qais Sarhan

Joe Payoton


Chappy Barry

Dawghouse Design Studio

Heath Waller

Made By Water

Jason Reed


Brad Colbow

Giuseppe Scappaticcio

Grzegorz Kozak

Tobias Bjerrome

DustiN Allenpace

Nischal Tiwari

Joseph Cohen

Kathryn Corneli



Metalab Design


Chris Spooner

Collision Labs

Creative Payne

nGen Works

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