Huge Collection of Mini Icon Sets:5000+ Free Icons in 30 Sets

Icon is a must for websites and of course for web developers.You can find thousands of free icons over the internet but today i want to share mini icon sets which are all free.Mini icon sets can be used in many different ways like computers,applications and similar gadgets like iPad and iPhone.Also you can use these icons for the navigation of websites.It’s been a really huge collection of tiny icons so please bookmark to use the packages one day.Hope you like the collection.
Woofunction (178 Icons)


Arrows (80 + Icons)

Led Icons

Feed Icons (30 + Icons)

Diagona Icons (400 Icons)

Sanscons (100 + Icons)

Default Icon (173 Icons)

Splashy Icon Set(480 + Icons)

Mini Icon Set from Deviantart (22 Icons)

Icons from (500 + Icons)

Ecqlipse (270 + Icons)

ByStudioM6 (112 Icons)

Vaga (60 Icons)

Brand Spanking New (100 +Icons)

Famfamfam (140 + Icons)

Marko’s Place (40 + Icons)

Paul Armstrong Designs (250 + Icons)

Lullacons Pack 1 (113 Icons)

Boolean 1.1 (100 Icons)

Mini Pixel Icons (320 Icons)

Web Design Icon Set (300 + Icons)

19eighty7 (500 Icons)

Gentle Face (200 + Icons)

Designjunction (10 Icons)

Mini Social Networking Icon Set (45 Icons)

Hand Pointer Icons (30 + Icons)

Paul Armstrong Designs (70 + Icons)

Fugue Icons (3000 Icons)

Silk Icons (700 + Icons)

Tango Icon Library (200 + Icons)

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